Muskoka! Tomorrow!


Who are you inviting to come to our Muskoka event tomorrow? We get feedback from first time guests all the time about how much they love Connexus.  I'm confident that the folks that you invite today and come tomorrow will love Connexus Muskoka.  Take some time to call them right now!

Here are just two quotes from some recent first time guest to Connexus . . .

"I have raved about the church to my co-workers. Many of them were interested in attending but hadn't had a chance. I think you may be seeing some of them soon! GREAT WORK!!!"

"I am Catholic and feel after being away from church for years and years, I have finally found somewhere I am comfortable and that my non-faith based husband is comfortable.  The kids loved it.  I like that you make it easy for any denomination to feel welcome and also that you explain the offering basket well and don't make people uncomfortable.  Very welcoming and well organized.  I have told a few friends that finally I have found a church we like!!"

See you tomorrow!

Rich Birch
[email protected]


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