Had a great first meeting last night with a group of Connexus volunteers, called the Ministry Team Representatives or MTRs. 

This is a new forum at Connexus designed to foster great communication between our volunteers at both campuses and our leadership team.  MTRs are selected from among the hundreds who serve at Connexus and meet four times a year with me, our staff and our elders.

Last night we talked about the role of MTRs (they have a special role to play in communication and down the road in the election of elders), our first three months of launch, finances, upcoming weekend services and volunteer health.

Some highlights:

  • We are excited that our primary mode of growing the ministry of Connexus
    is not external advertising but simply encouraging our folks to invite their friends. We're really pulling out all the stops for the next three months of weekend messages (just wait till you hear what's coming up!)  Several hundred new people have begun calling Connexus home since we launched. We have about 1000 people in our data base and we figure there are another 200-300 people who haven't yet signed anything yet (which gets you into our data base).  That's exciting!
  • Well over half of our adult attenders are in community groups already, with a large attendance also expected at the next Group Link April 26th.  We are so excited about this.
  • Financially, we are operating in the black, which is remarkable for a start up church.  March is a key month as we anticipate another $118,000 in over and above giving to come in (people pledged this to launch Connexus last fall).  We are anxious for our weekly giving to begin to meet and exceed target so that we can move into a place of financial margin and begin to thrive as a congregation.  In the meantime, we have scaled back expenses to stay in the black. Some key staff hires are pending and we want to really begin to do mission work as soon as we get our full charitable status with the government.  When everyone gives weekly, we can begin to thrive operationally.  MTRs asked about on-line giving.  You can add Connexus as a biller on your bank account.  Find out more here.
  • Volunteer wise, we're still short of our target and would love for more people to serve to come alongside our incredible crew that serves each week.  You can sign up now for e-teams or family ministry.  You'll likely find you get more than you give.  What's holding you back?
  • We'll start baptisms this spring in a very innovative way. Stay tuned and get ready to get wet!
  • KidStuf is coming back later this year.

It was a great two hours with our MTRs last night.  I left the table last night with a profound sense of gratitude for the dedication and the health of our volunteer team.  We run with some of the best people out there who really love God and serve with cheerful, sacrificial hearts.   Thanks for the privilege of serving Jesus with you!  What we do here in the name of Jesus really will impact eternity in profound ways that are hard to understand, but so, so worth it.

– Carey


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