Mid-Summer Update

How are you enjoying your summer?  I hope it's been great.  It's finally starting to feel like summer, especially now that my personal holidays are over. :0)  

I wanted to bring an update on some things we're working on and some things we're excited about. Summer is never dull around here and our staff is spending a lot of time gearing up for a very exciting August and fall. Here's what's on our minds:

  • We're getting ready for the Plunge series in August.  It starts August 2nd in Barrie and August 9th in Orillia and Muskoka.  If you've got anyone in your circle of friends, coworkers or family who is wondering why a commitment to Christ or faith is important, make sure they don't miss this series! I'm so pumped about it, it's crazy.  And I'd love your prayers.  I'm writing it in the next two weeks.
  • The Plunge series wraps up with an evening baptism service on August 23rd at Bass Lake. Details are here – and you can sign up on line for it.  
  • We are encouraged by how many new people we're seeing – many of them in their teens and twenties.  Many of them are your friends who have little to no church background.  Thank you for praying and making the most important investment you can make: an investment in the lives of other people.  
  • We're encouraged by what's happening in our kids ministry this summer.  It's growing, and kids continue to come in pumped about a faith that's growing inside of them.   
  • We're recalibrating our volunteer teams this summer! We have openings in pretty much all of our ministries, but we're focused on four areas in particular:  Family Ministry.  If you love kids, get involved!  Production Team. If you like computers or things with buttons and lights, get plugged in to our incredible production team that handles all things technical.  E-teams.  They are the heart and soul of our operation each Sunday as they set up and tear down our portable environments.  Host Team.  You know how important first impressions are, and if you like people, get involved in the host team at one of our campuses.  To serve in any of these ministries, drop Julia a line now at [email protected]    
  • We're gearing up for Group Link.   GroupLink is your chance to get connected into a community group this fall.  Group Links are coming up in Barrie and Orillia early this fall.  Stay tuned for details!
  • I'm doing message planning into the fall.  Watch this space next week for a chance to dialogue and discuss what we'll be talking about this fall and into 2010.  
  • We're pumped by the mood on our campuses.  People are encouraging, energetic, expectant, welcoming and even in awe of what God is doing.  I love that!  Thank you for being who you are and allowing God to do what He wants to do.

Well, that's what we're up to in these lazy days of summer.  I love the fact that our team is busy getting things done for the fall.  It's going to be an amazing few months ahead!  So grateful we get to do this together!

– Carey 


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