Merry Christmas!

Well, the big day(s) are almost here.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which we're marking with three services at Hawkridge Golf Club at 3:00 and Barrie Golf Club at 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. (details and directions here).  

We're going to celebrate with some great music, some fun and a message about how God interrupted us with the greatest invitation we could imagine.  Don't miss it!  It's a family friendly service, so bring everyone.  Everyone's invited.

It's also a season where we are praying God changes lives.  My prayer is that

  • People who need hope find it in Christ
  • Friends express their care for others deeply enough to talk to one another about Jesus
  • People who are in Christ go deeper into the mystery of how much God loves us and this world for which He died
  • Families find a more solid peace than they have known

My hope and prayer is that this will be a meaningful Christmas for you…not just time apart, but time to reflect on what it means that God would actually dwell among us.  

May God's hope grow in you this Christmas.

– Carey


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  1. Doreen Stewart says, December 26, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Christmas Eve at Hawk Ridge was Wonderful..The setting was beautiful. The music , the dancers and of course the Sermon..Thank you all for doing such a great job..yummy hot chocolate too…God Bless you all..Doreen

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