Meeting Jesus…for Real

So let me ask you a simple question:  if your friends could meet Jesus, do you think they would like Him?

I mean on the one hand that sounds kind of silly…but on the other, ask yourself that question. I think you know the answer:  they would jump at the chance to have an authentic encounter with the real Jesus.

One of the things I think we've done too much — I've done too much of — is to erect barriers between people and Jesus.  In the old days, some of the barriers were old music, old ways, old religion, old everything.  I think I can still create bridges to Jesus or barriers against Him with the words I use when I speak, by the way I live day to day, by the way I interact with people and in many ways, by the way we are the church.  We can be an opportunity for people to meet Jesus, or an impediment. 

Imagine if in 2008 we just took as many of those barriers down as we possibly could.  What would be some of the hallmarks of a church that lost the barriers so people could actually meet Jesus?  What if:

  • What if we created a space on Sundays and in community groups where people could be themselves — no masks, no hiding?  Where no one felt they weren't good enough to meet God?
  • We got authentic and told the truth about who we really were and where our spiritual lives were really at.  What if we admitted we didn't have it all figured out?  What if any pretending that was left, stopped?
  • What if in everything we did we prayed deeply enough that we became more transparent in all we said and did. Less of us, more of Jesus?
  • What if we reflected the character, humility and actual love of Christ more in every interaction with every person?
  • What if we were known for our compassion, generosity, and humility, not for our "stand" on issues?
  • What if we really got more excited about some else's spiritual progress than our own?
  • What if we gave our lives away, instead of always hanging on to them in a sad effort to save them?

What if we could rip down the barriers and simply lead people into a real and growing relationship with the authentic Jesus?

Would cities be changed?  Would families be transformed? Would you be changed? 

What if Connexus could play a part in that?  This is certainly some of the DNA that went into the core of what
Connexus is…but I would love to see it blossom and bloom in 2008.

What do you think?  Could it happen?  Could a church do that?



  1. Rob pinches says, January 1, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Carey what a world it would be. we would be able to see the inner person of those around us The lost the forsaken the lonely the helpless. On the outside these people are cool calm and collected. Bankers, lawyers ,Athletes, The corner store clerk, Waitresses ,Cashiers, Tim Hortons employee's or everyday coworkers looking for that one thing that would make all the emptiness go away. Unfortunately this makes us sometimes very selfish people when we don't share Christ in the everyday lives we have been given. We have been given the opportunity to be present in so many lives and we chose to keep the joy we have found in the Lord to ourselves. I'm talking about being everyday Christians everyday; being the person God made us to be (Eph 2:10) We are given a gift that has no equal and we hide it from those individuals closest to us and we can best accomplish this task by being open and honest, friendly, caring, kind, loving everyday people. Yes we as a church can be this especially when we as individuals live this everyday. I am learning this each day to see past the sin to the lost to see hope in the helpless situations that sometimes we find ourselves in to be inconvenienced for Christ is to be available to whatever God wants. we must set aside preconceived ideas and thoughts that we have had all our lives to be able to see the seeds that are already in each live we come in contact wit. Lets water those seeds or cultivate an atmosphere that allows that seed to grow or better yet not be a weed that chokes that seed from growing. Thanks Carey and the staff at Connexus for giving God an opportunity to be real to all of us

  2. JP says, January 1, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Carey, I have to say these bullet points that you've laid out are the reason I'm here. Not saying that I'm particularly good at any of them but these are the things that I/we need to strive for. The early church had a huge impact on the world as we know it because they cared about others in ways that we almost can't appreciate anymore. Administering the grace of Christ to others is really what it's all about. When we do this, lives change. Better yet, we change as a community because we can see the positive impact that this type action has.

    Love the blog today Carey. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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