Meet Two More Students Headed to Guatemala!

Please meet 2 more members of our 2012 Love Moves Guatemala Team!!


Cody lives just north of Orillia. His favourite subjects in school are History and Music. Most of the time outside of school you can find Cody practising guitar or the other instruments that he lives to play. He plays several – guitar, drums, piano, and trumpet to name a few! Cody has an absolute passion for music and loves everything about it. His first instrument is the guitar, and he is really working on learning music theory so that he can improve even more. He also says he listens to a LOT of music and can enjoy just about every style there is out there. A random fact about Cody is that when he got his first truck, he named her Bella.  He was a bit obsessed with the truck, and would wash it twice a night! What Cody likes most about InsideOut are his friends and the fact that the leaders are actually there for him when he needs them. Cody says small groups are great too, and that there is a real sense of community. While Cody is in Guatemala, he really hopes that God will strengthen his faith. He hopes that God will help Him gain wisdom and understanding, as well as an appreciation for what we are blessed with on a daily basis in Canada. He also hopes to gain a greater understanding of humility.



Alisha lives in Barrie and of all the subjects she takes at school, she loves Math, English and Drama the most. Outside of school, Alisha looks forward to going to InsideOut and hang out with her friends there (she says they're awesome!). She plays the ukulele, likes to write, and loves listening to music, especially her favourite band, “To Tell.” Alisha loves looking for opportunities to serve others and serve in the community, is a small group leader in WaumbaLand (Connexus' Sunday morning environments for children from birth to Senior Kindergarden), and she collects pop-tabs for her leadership camp to make wheelchairs. A random fact about Alisha is that she is very accident-prone, her favourite type of junk food is M&M's and if she could live anywhere in the world it would be Switzerland..  Her favourite thing about InsideOut is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly there, and she feels like she can always be herself and everyone will accept her. She loves the music at InsideOut and that they get questions for her small groups after they hear Bible teaching so they can discuss the topic. Alisha hopes that on this trip God helps her step outside my comfort zone and be open to different cultures. She hopes that God will opens her eyes to how blessed she is, and that He will help her help people who don't have as much.

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