Making a Difference This Christmas

Got some ‘Christmases' coming up? You know what I mean – there's only one Christmas, but most of us celebrate two or three times with family and friends. Our family had our first Christmas earlier this week, and it was a really great time. 

My favourite part?  A few of us were able to make a difference in the lives of other people globally and locally.  A number of us in the room gave away Christmas this year, and it was so refreshing.  We still had presents for the kids, but a number of us decided we weren't giving gifts…we'd give away Christmas to people in Kenya, Guatemala and people in need locally. 

To be honest, I wondered how it would feel.  When I was a kid, Christmas was by far the best day of the year.  Truthfully, it still holds a lot of ‘magic' for me, and giving gifts has definitely always been part of the joy of Christmas.  I love the tree jammed with gifts and the look in people's eyes when they open their presents.  I love making people happy.

What surprised me is how good it feels to get virtually nothing this year and to give instead.  For me, it's been far more enjoyable than I expected…so excited to know that others might even find life. 

Because of so many of you at Connexus, thousands of people locally, in Guatemala and Kenya will have food, shelter, transportation and hear about Christ.  It's so powerful and it's so exciting.

In early January, we'll hear from all the organizations that helped us Give Away Christmas this year (stay tuned) and find out the impact you've had.

For those of you Giving Away Christmas this year, how is Giving Away Christmas impacting your Christmas?  How are you feeling about it?

– Carey


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