Love These Questions!

Someone pulled me aside the other night and asked "So what exactly are you preaching on Sunday, January 3rd 2010?"  I was thrilled.

First I was kind of happy because I actually knew what I'd be preaching that day (we plan ahead – that graphic to the left is the teaser for our 2010 kick off series), but second, I suspected she was asking because she was inviting a friend.  She and her husband were indeed bringing friends that day.  Man, I love that.

Someone else asked what was happening Christmas eve – what would the format be, what would the message be?  Same thing – somehow when you invite a friend, everything becomes of heightened importance.  I know even as a preacher, when my unchurched friends show up on a Sunday (had a bunch of those this year)

When was the last time in your life church wasn't just for you?  When it's about someone else, being the church becomes so much more.  It becomes what it was meant to be.  And Connexus becomes more and more of what we have planned for it to be from the very beginning.

What do you look for in a service or a church environment when you invite friends?

– Carey!


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