Love Moves Guatemala

We are please to introduce 3 more members of our Love Moves Guatemala team to you:


Laura lives in Barrie and her favourite subject in school is chemistry. She loves to read and can easily find herself getting lost in a book.  Sometimes, she says, it is nice for a change to leave reality and enter another place. Laura also loves listening to her country music! A random fact about Laura is that she loves the violin!  She says she can hopelessly play the instrument but the sounds make her stomach drop and her heart beat faster. When Laura comes to InsideOut, she loves the strong group of people she has encountered, not only in their faith but in their personality. She says they create a haven for her, and they are the back drop she knows she always has when things go wrong. They are continuously teaching her and praying for her. Just by being around them she feels closer to God. Laura feels that having close-knit christian friends is more important than anyone can ever express. She hopes that through this trip God will let it known in her heart what it is He has planned for her to do with her life. She's praying she would know if missions is a field she should be continuing on. She also hopes that this trip will spark a passion in her not only for God but for others. Lastly, Laura hopes to have a better sense and understanding for the world outside our own borders.


Colton lives in Barrie and his favourite subject at school is history. He says he spends a lot of time practising and learning guitar. He was interested in learning an instrument and found that he could play guitar somewhat well – so he keeps on playing! A little-known fact about Colton is that he has kept his teddy bear from his childhood, although it has been ripped and torn and it’s been through many “adventures” and he keeps him on a shelf in a glass showcase. Colton's favourite thing about InsideOut is his small group. He like his group, how well they get along and the community and friendships they have built. They have a great time when they all get together outside of InsideOut and they always joke around together. He likes having the support of the group and giving advice to the others in his group when they need it. Colton's wish on this trip is that God uses it to push his faith forward and uses him to serve the community of Antigua, Guatemala. Colton hopes God pushes him out of his comfort zone and fuels his will to serve God's people and to continue to invest in changing lives.


Christian lives in Gravenhurst, a really small town 2 hours north of Toronto. People like to visit there because of the Bethune house. He says the swimming’s great and even better before 1:00pm when the lifeguards aren’t there and there are no rules! His favourite subject has been geography so far. He says he'll be disappointed when the class is over, but he's looking forward to having art class. Outside of school, Christian spends most of his time sleeping, drawing and gaming in his spare time. He says he is best at sleeping (a useful skill!) and has been told he's good at the other two. Christian says a random fact about himself is: he's very random.  It also appears he has a fun sense of humour! What Christian likes most about InsideOut is going there to talk and find ways to help his friends who are having problems. He finds it easy to fit in and be accepted there. On this trip, Christian wants God to teach him in new ways to help people. A trip like this is something Christian has wanted to do for a long time and hadn't yet had the chance.


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  1. Tracey, Greg and Nicole Steffens says, March 9, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Hey Laura!!
    Glad to hear you arrived safe! We have your photo on our fridge to remind us to pray for you and your team daily. What have you done so far?? We hope you are enjoying your time and learning more about God and yourself through this experiences. We know you will be a huge blessing to the people of Guatemala as well as your team. We love you lots! See you soon!

    The Steffens
    Ps, how are the latino boys doing??

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