Love Moves Guatemala

We are pleased to introduce 3 Orillia students on our Love Moves Guatemala 2012 team to you!




Max lives in the little town of Moonstone. He attends InsideOut in Orillia, and his favourite subject in school is woodworking.  Out side of school, he says that he spends most of my time chilling and keeping up to date with the new things happening in the hobbies he's interested. His biggest hobby is based around aviation – he's learning to fly! One random fact about Max is that he was a sales man at a hobby store specializing in remote control aircraft when I was 16, which seems quite suitable considering his interest in flight.  When Max attends InsideOut he really likes how the messages are put into today’s terms, making it easy for everyone to understand, relate to, and then apply to his live.  On the Love Moves Guatemala trip he hopes God will take control of his life and help him to work for God in ways that he doesn't fully understand yet. Max also wants God to reveal to him a greater meaning and purpose for his life.  He wants to recognize what that is and wants to live his life to the fullest for Him.




Sydney lives in Orillia. Her favourite subject at school is world religion because even though she's a Christian, she finds it really interesting learning about what other cultures believe in. She thinks learning about other religions is really fun and that it's cool seeing how Christianity differs from all other religions. Her class travelled to a mosque and a synagogue which she says was interesting to see because of how they are different from typical church buildings, and none were close to being like Connexus! Outside of school Sydney hangs out with her family because they mean the world to her, likes hanging out with her best friends, and really enjoys reading. Right now she's reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and Crazy Love by Frances Chan, which she says is an amazing book! One random fact about her is that no matter how hard she tries, she can't whistle! What Sydney likes most about InsideOut is her small group. She's been with the same small group leader for almost 4 years! Her small group has become so close and she loves being around people who can challenge her and encourage her in her walk with Christ. She also loves all the crazy games that they play, the retreats that they go on, and having friends from the Barrie campus! Through this trip Sydney hopes that God teaches her to trust Him fully. She says struggles with putting all aspects of her life in God's hands because she doesn't know the outcome and would feel like she doesn't have control. Sydney graduates from high school this year and she doesn't feel ready to go to university so is figuring out what she's going to do with her life after high school. She wants God to show her that she can trust Him, and through this trip hopes that somehow He will!




Hannah lives in Orillia. She has many favorite subjects in school but her top 3 are music, history, and gym. Music is one of her favourites because she loves playing different instruments and has played the trumpet for 4 years! She also loves history because she finds learning about world war 2 and the past history of Canada is very interesting.  Outside of school Hannah likes to hang out with friends. But she also really enjoys swimming in the pool at home. She used to be part of a competitive swim team in Orillia and is now part of her swim team at school.  Her relay team will be traveling to OFSSA this March, because they won gold at GBSSA! A random fact about Hannah is that last November she got her hunting and gun license! She loves coming to InsideOut too. Some of her favorite things about InsideOut are hearing all the different points of view around what the topic is, and she has also made many friends there who have great morals.  She says everyone is a blast to be around. Oh yes – and she says another favorite thing about InsideOut are the outrageous games! For example, to ” de stress ” from exams she got to hammer and smash ice blocks!! During this trip to Guatemala Hannah hopes God will show her that it doesn't matter where you live, that God can impacted everyone's life. She also hopes God will allow her to have self discipline, and bring everything she learns about love and God back home with her, and live out whatever she learns.




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