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It's September!  As we wrap up the summer weeks (I know, I'm going through the grieving process too!) we've been talking about who and what we listen to.  The truth is, we are listening to someone or something all the time.

Think about it – right now you can hear something happening, or someone talking, or even complete silence.  Think about the last conversation you had.  The last song you heard.  The last time you enjoyed peace and quiet.  Are you intentional about any of those things?

Join us this weekend:

Sunday September 4th 2011

Orillia Campus | Part 2 :: Listen Here!

In the previous session, we discussed the fact that what and who you listen to will ultimately influence what you do. That raises the question: What/who should we listen to? There are a myriad of voices that attempt to speak into our lives and shape our decisions. Some we listen to with fervor. Some we ignore as foolish. But is there one voice among the rest that should not be ignored? Is there one voice that demands our attention?

Barrie Campus | Part 3 :: Listen UP!

Isn't it odd that we even have to talk about listening to God? If you believe that God created everything, then you have to believe that God created communication, which would lead to the assumption that God is the best communicator. So, why is it sometimes so hard to hear him speak? What if the issue isn't whether or not God is speaking, but whether or not you are in the right position to hear him?




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