Let’s talk about sex

First of all . . . it's been fun interacting with people about our current series at Connexus "God & Sex." What a great opportunity for the church to talk about human sexuality and how that relates to our spirituality!  The feedback so far has been so very positive . . . who can you invite for this weekend?

I was thinking today about how public opinion around this whole area slides so much over the years.  I remember back in 1991 (turn on the way back machine kids!) when Salt N Pepa came out with their hit song "Let's Talk About Sex" that it caused a huge controversy.  I looked it up on iTunes earlier today and listened to it . . . funny how times have changed.  What seemed like such a huge controversy with time just ends up being a fun pop song about the reality of sex in so many people's lives! 

Church is a great place to have a dialogue about sex.  In fact it's probably the perfect place because it was created by God!  The reality of the situation is that lots of people navigate a lot pain when it comes to their sexuality and our desire is that Connexus is the kind of people where people can feel acceptance and care for the whole person.  We don't want to deny that sex is a part of life . . . we want to help people see it as a part of what God is calling us to give over to Him in a growing relationship with him.

So . . . it will be a good couple weeks talking about it.  Any thoughts on this current series?  (As always anonymous comments are okay.)

Rich Birch
Executive Director of Operations
[email protected]
Connexus Community Church


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