Know Someone Like This? The Stakes Are Rather High.


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Every once in a while you get moments of clarity about why we do what we do at Connexus.

If you're like me, you get deeply moved by the baptisms we see (get ready, because there are over 20 happening in the next few months).  For example, if you haven't seen Tim's story, you should.  So powerful.

We started Connexus in 2007 to be a church that unchurched people love to attend.

And people like Kenny remind us on a regular basis that we are accomplishing our mission.

At least to some extent.

But did you know that there are over 200,000 unchurched people within a 30 minutes drive of our locations that we've not yet reached? That actually no church has reached?

I write a personal blog about leadership in ministry (it's a fun hobby). It connects with some of the folks who attend Connexus but also with ministry and business leaders from all over.  Thankfully, it also from time to time connects with unchurched people.

Yesterday someone who found the blog via Facebook left this comment.

It was one of my favourite comments ever and crystalized again why what we do at Connexus is so important. Here's an excerpt (you can read the whole post and comment stream here.)

unchurched person

Connexus…thank you for creating the kind of church that actually has a great shot at reaching someone like our friend here.

But now a more penetrating question: who do you know that's like him or her?

My guess is this person is your








There are so many perfectly ‘happy' non Christians out there.

If you don't reach out to them, who will?

This summer,

Will you become friends with someone who fits this description?

Will you pray boldly for them?

Will you invite them to come with you one weekend this summer or fall?

I can't imagine what the impact would be if we all found just one person each who feels the same way about life and church. I can't imagine what would happen if they started coming, one by one:

Through the doors on Sunday

Into Starting Point

Into homes for community group

Into one of our tanks to be baptized when they surrender their hearts and lives to the God who made them.

So this summer…be a friend to someone just like this.

And thank you for creating the kind of church unchurched people can truly come to.

– Carey



  1. William says, July 4, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    As an atheist and someone who attends Connexus in a quest to help find God, my question to Connexus is that if you’re willing and eager to lead people into a growing relationship with christ and prepared to ask your congregation to invite their “unchurched” friends, co-workers, and family etc.

    Is their any new frame work you have put in place to help provide real hard to answer questions that in particular many “unchurched” people have… like myself? I have attended the community groups and reached out to other more experienced churchgoers but have always felt alienated when I have asked more controversial/critical questions.

    To some degree I personally feel there needs to be a more fundamental process in which REAL “unchurched” people can ask the questions they have to someone who is ready to respond with an answer.

    There are so many questions and so much information to absorb as someone enters into a journey to accept God. What I think most “unchurched” people are afraid of is the hostility that is met when “unchurched” people ask REAL questions.

    Maybe that’s something Connexus is willing to explore?

    • Carey Nieuwhof - Lead Pastor says, July 4, 2013 at 11:16 pm

      William…thank you so much for this. Really appreciate your honesty and the hard question. The answer is “yes”. Or at least I certainly hope so. Staring Point is an environment designed to handle the questions people have – in fact its designed entirely around questions.

      I’m also going to be doing a series in early 2014 about some of the tougher questions. In fact, on that note…feel free to shoot me an email outlining some of your questions. Between future series, Staring Point, Community Groups and personal conversations it would be my hope that we can address most or even all of them.

      While I’m off on holidays starting tomorrow for two weeks, you can email me off the link in this webpage and I’ll review it when I get back. Thank you!

      – Carey

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