Jesus the Guru…This Weekend

Well, this is it…Jesus the Guru is in full swing.  We launch the series this weekend in Orillia and move to week two in Barrie. 

Before we get to the details, remember that if you have a friend along with you, you can pick up at $35 gift card that you can use toward lunch at some cool area restaurants.  The purpose?  To help you process what you've heard and build a deeper relationship as you pursue Christ together.  Rather than buying billboards or sending flyers to "advertise", we thought we'd simply facilitate the best kind of influence we can think of with our friends who are still investigating the faith: personal influence. Just drop be the welcome desk and as at each campus Sunday and we'll give you the card.

So what's up?

Orillia Campus | Jesus the Guru – Part One – We All Start Here | 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. 
I begin the series with this premise: all
of us have some level of curiosity about God.  In every culture, race,
language and background, people reach beyond themselves for something –
someone – greater.  So much of that curiosity these days is heading
toward eastern spirituality. Can that yearning be resolved?  Who set it
there?  Why won’t it go away?  What does Jesus have to do with any of
this? Bring your friends as we launch a surprising and fascinating five
week journey.

Barrie Campus | Jesus the Guru | Part Two – What Can Christians Learn from the East? | 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.
the appeal of Eastern religions, there must be something Christians can
learn from the East.  Are there some aspects of genuine spiritual
engagement that the East does better than the West?  How can we in the
West learn from the East, and where does Jesus fit into all that?  Join
the dialogue this Sunday at Connexus, and bring your friends.

Let's pack the house out!  Bring you hearts ready to sing.  We've got some great music, some intriguing things planned, and of course, the best kids' ministry we can imagine. See you then!


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