Is Your Marriage Fun?

Marriage Can be Fun!

This post was reblogged from and was originally written by Casey Ross. Casey, his wife Julie, and their three kids live just outside of Atlanta. He is a Pastor and Consultant for North Point Ministries. He also writes a blog for dads called Bullet Point Dad (

A great way to see how your marriage is doing is to ask the right questions about it. “How’s your marriage?” is not a good question, though. We all know how we’d answer that question. Who really wants a marriage that is “fine?”

The answers to good specific questions not only tell you the present condition of your marriage, but they can also tell you where your marriage is going. Unfortunately, there isn’t a list of “perfect” questions. But it’s wise to always be on the lookout for a question that could be a catalyst for your relationship.

Let’s try a new question that you probably have not asked about your marriage in a while…if ever. This question may sound insignificant at first but your answer can actually give you a very accurate assessment of where your marriage is right now. And consistently getting this question right can set your marriage up for a great future.

What’s the question? Glad you asked. Here it is…Is your marriage fun?

If your answer is “No.”

Your relationship used to be fun. You wouldn’t have married a person you didn’t have fun with. You just got out of the habit. Something distracted you or got in the way of you two enjoying each other and having fun.

First things first, take responsibility for this part of your relationship. Yes, it’s not just your fault that your marriage is not fun. But one of you needs to own this problem, and you happen to be the one reading this. Nothing can change until someone takes responsibility for the problem.

Now that you’re owning the problem and trying to bring fun back into your marriage, create fun as your spouse defines fun. Okay, it may not be as much fun for you, but you’re more likely to have fun as a couple if at least one of you is having fun. And as you are selfless, your spouse is more likely to follow your example and do things you consider fun.

Also keep in mind, having a fun marriage means having fun together. Sure, it’s okay to each have your own fun thing. But that doesn’t make a fun marriage. What will help your marriage most is “our” fun. Have fun together.

If your answer is “Yes.”

Well done! It’s not easy to keep a marriage fun. But don’t take it for granted. Be intentional about having fun with your spouse. Laugh together. Smile together. Spend time doing things together that you’ll want to do again.

Have you ever noticed that you protect the things you enjoy? Enjoy time with your spouse. Enjoy who your spouse is. Have a fun marriage.

What do you do to have fun with your spouse?

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