Ten Things I Love

So we launch the Orillia campus of Connexus this weekend and move into week two of being fully open at our Barrie campus

If you're like me, you're just excited, and hopeful, and a bit overwhelmed.  Here's what I am loving as we head into our first full weekend of being wide open at each campus.

  1. Orillia, I love that we get to open relevant environments in a city I have spent so much time in over the last decade.  People have prayed for this city for years.  Now we get to realize a great opportunity for Orillia and the wider community.
  2. Barrie, we get to do this again this week in this great city and region, maybe this time without a blizzard. There are well over 100,000 people in the city itself who don't go to church, are curious about God and are waiting to see if a church can help them. Let's invite some of them to join us this weekend.
  3. I love our volunteers, staff and whole team.  I know I've said this before, but you guys are simply the best.  Thanks for your partnership, hard work, long hours, beautiful hearts and deep sacrifice.  I have a feeling it will be so worth it.
  4. I love our partners in ministry.  We have been constantly encouraged by our friends at North Point, at the Rethink Group (our Orange partners), our community of strategic partners and many other local, national and international ministry friends.  Every single day, we hear from someone who's praying for us, encouraging us, partnering with us. Thank you!
  5. I love our community's transparency.  We are so far from perfect, but we're not afraid to show it.  I love how people pull together and are just honest about what it means for imperfect people to be in relationship with a perfect God.
  6. I love the commitment to excellence.  In the next six months, I can't wait to see our environments move to a point of sustainable excellence.  Watch for constant improvements, constant growth in teams, and constant commitment to moving people into a growing relationship with Jesus through environments that we pray will become truly irresistible.
  7. I'm loving our community.  From my community group, to our staff and elders, to our volunteers, to the wider community of Oro, Barrie, Orillia — it's just fun to do this together in this region.
  8. I'm loving my family.  Toni and the boys have been so understanding, kind and hard working during this launch phase…deeply invested, and deeply nurturing in light of all kinds of demands on me.  Thanks!
  9. I love that we actually get a shot at this.  I think we are in a unique moment where we get to create something that is special, unique and will provide a real home for people who need God but don't think the church can help.
  10. I'm loving God's faithfulness.  God, for you to use such broken people and redeem our lives is amazing.  I'm just so grateful you keep giving us new chances every day.  Thank you for your incredible love and faithfulness.

So with a pretty full heart, let's head into this unprecedented weekend together on both campuses.

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor
[email protected]


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