Interview with Patrick Voo

Many of you know Patrick Voo.  He's not only a personal friend, but we've had the privilege of serving at Connexus together since we launched, and before that Patrick and I were on church staff together at another church.

If you know Patrick, you also know that there's no one quite like him.  It shouldn't be surprising then, that when God stirs in Patrick's life it's going to come out looking wonderfully different.  Last week, I sat down with Patrick and talked with him about a brand new chapter in his life.  Starting Sunday, October 23rd, Patrick is beginning a new church/ministry/agency called M.

I'm personally excited for Patrick.  I believe it's going to take many of us doing different and innovative things to see the Kingdom of God emerge fully, and Patrick and M are going to be part of that in an exciting way.

Here's the interview:

Want to know more? You can find M on Facebook.

Patrick, we're so grateful for all that has been and so excited for all that is to come!

– Carey


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