Ice Cream Anyone?

So it's November, and all good Canadians turn their mind to anything that reminds us of summer, right?  How about ice cream at church?  Yep…thought so.  I'm in too.

This coming Sunday, November 8th in Barrie, and on November 15th in Orillia, we'll be ending the service a little early to serve up some ice cream in the foyer.

We realize that some of you who have been attending for a while would love to make some friends at Connexus, so we're going to give everyone a chance to meet someone new.  To help with it, we're even going to keep your kids in their environments until 9:40 or 11:10 – the usual time you pick them up.  That will give you about ten minutes of ‘grown up' conversation you can have without your kids hanging off your knees or asking you for ice cream (you can pick them up a treat on the way out…after).

We just think it's great to make some friends who are on the same journey as you.  And as you make some friends, it will be great to explore all that Christ has for you together – even to start serving together or to head to the next Group Link in January knowing someone else.

So, be prepared to be social Sunday if you want.  (Note, in light of the H1N1 issue, we'll have plenty of hand sanitizer throughout our campuses on Sunday).   It's our regular service, shortened a bit, plus some time to connect.

We're completely looking forward to it!

– Carey


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