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So….we're getting into a pretty exciting time.  Both campuses will be wide open this weekend to the public, and who knows, we might even be blizzard-free.  How amazing would that be?

So many people have helped with the launch of Connexus in both sites.  To try to convey our gratitude is a little challenging — there just has never been a season or movement like this before in the ministries I've been involved with.  To see so many of you so hard at it and so joyful in serving our God is pretty incredible, and something our whole team is profoundly grateful for.  You guys are so easy to love!

Here are three things you can do as we get into the public launch of Orillia this weekend and week two of Connexus Barrie (with hopefully no crazy weather):   

  • Invite your friends.  Andy Stanley said it so well in his (surprise) message last weekend in Orillia: ask God to bring one person to mind who is not in your family, and invite them to come with you.  It was pretty awesome that we couldn't render the video properly on my message and had to "sub" in Andy.  Best "sub-in" on the planet if you ask me, and what an awesome message.
  • Sign Up to Serve. We totally love the "pitch-in" spirit people who have attended services have displayed on Sunday morning by trying to help tear down our gear in time for our noon departure.  While we appreciate it, we need to tell you that we actually can't have non e-team members help. Gear has to be put away in a certain way, and only e-team people can do that.  So, the best way you can help is to sign up to serve on an e-team in the foyer this Sunday on either campus, or to sign up to serve in UpStreet or Waumba Land on either campus where we are still seeking to grow our teams to provide amazing children and student environments.  We just updated our website today so you can sign up to serve right off the site.
  • Join a Community Group.  Plan now to get connected in a community group next year.  Group Link happens in late January 2008.  Plan to attend, and plan to set aside one night a week to grow in your relationship with God and with others through a community group. To learn more, click here.
  • Share what God has given you.  As we are still in launch phase, our needs are very high on the financial end.  People have been generous in ways we've never seen.  So thank you.  But our dream is to have every family share in the the financial support of Connexus.  Regular, week-in-week-out support is appreciated.  And over and above gifts are deeply appreciated.  At the end of the day, I think you'll find you'll be blessed more than you can imagine.  You have been fantastic…but we want to ensure everyone gets in on the blessing.

So, just three days until we are wide open on both campuses.  Can't wait.  Let's get there prayerfully, together and celebrating.

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor
[email protected]


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