How to Know if You’re Winning

In so many areas of life, wins are clear.  In sports, you win when you cross home plate more times than the other team, score more goals, or score the winning touchdown.  In our work places, we win when sales go up, profitability increases, production quotas are met or team dynamics improve.

But in church, sometimes it's hard to tell when you're winning. 

We get all fuzzy, and many of us just end up evaluating church.  A win becomes "I think I like this church,"  "great message,"  or "loved the music."  Too many churches have reasonably smug and happy members who are oblivious to the fact that their friends and neighbours have no relationship with Christ and no desire to become a part of their church.  Or we say we're winning when attendance is growing and offerings are great. 

But is that winning?

Our staff sat down this week and wrote a few phrases down that help clarify what a win looks like at Connexus.  We (and the Kingdom) win when:

  • We have a church unchurched people want to attend
  • When people move into community (serving and groups)
  • Families partner with the church to engage faith at home.
What encouraged me last weekend when I attended our Orillia and Muskoka campuses was hearing so many stories that indicated that we people were winning, God was winning and we were winning.  

I met a 23 year old who was in church for six weeks – the first six weeks so far in his life.  He loved it so much he brought his mom and girlfriend.  He heard about us because one of our volunteers invited a friend, who invited him.  Met another family that decided to take the tithe challenge and shared stories about how God – three times in one week – surprised them with grace once they took the challenge. Had a long, engaging conversation with a man in his 30s who is attending church for the first time as an adult because his friend (who attends Connexus Muskoka) invited him out.  He was raised Roman Catholic and walked away. Sunday was his first day back.

Thanks for helping the Kingdom win in Central Ontario Connexus.  So grateful for you.  Best news?  We get to do it again this coming weekend!

– Carey


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