Hey — We Exist!

–>Want some great news?  Late yesterday afternoon we heard from our lawyers that our letters patent were approved by Industry Canada.  That means we are now legally incorporated as a charitable not-for-profit corporation (that's government speak for church) with Industry Canada.  We exist!  How cool is that?

We also ran into a bit of an unexpected hurdle on Tuesday in terms of funding our launch.  It could have been a serious situation, but it was amazing to see the reaction of our team of leaders — both the new Connexus leadership team and the leadership team I've been working with over the years (they're also also coming to Connexus).  I just loved how our leaders reacted, not just with words but with some powerful actions to help address the issue.  We seriously prayed about the matter, and 24 hours after the situation emerged, we have some real and practical action that is moving us toward a very encouraging solution.  Your prayers, and your response is appreciated.

The most helpful response is to come to our Launch Meeting this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the Galaxy Cinema in Barrie (for an address, click here), so don't miss it! I'll share a little more about what's happening and show you how you can play a role in helping us.  At it, we'll cast a compelling and clear vision of all that Connexus might be to your and your friends and show give you chance to get in on the ground floor.

More to come soon.

Carey Nieuwhof
[email protected]



  1. Carey Nieuwhof says, October 18, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    Tracey…our pleasure. Things will become much clearer at our Saturday launch meeting in Barrie when we can chat face to face. So excited about what's next too!

  2. Laurie McNair says, October 18, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    Hi Carey and the rest of Connexus. I love what you are visoning with this ministry–Kingdom building!

    Following God's will & plan is never easy but it is so rewarding! I wish that it was possible for me to be at the meetings that are coming up as I would like to help in anyway possible but unfortunately those dates have been booked for awhile (family time). I am so pumped about the launch On Dec 2. I return from vacation very early Sunday morning so as long as the weather is ok for driving I will be there.

    We have both been on a strange journey these last few years & I don't think the roller-coaster ride is over yet. If this is God's will then nothing will stand in the way.

    Keep smiling, praying and thanking God for the many blessings–even the sad, confusing, not sure what the heck is going on times. God has your back!

    We are the body…May the Peace of Christ be with you as you begin this new journey that God has set before you.

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