Hey Families – Connect Here Today

Summer is prime family time.  Question – how are you connecting spiritually as a family this summer?

Coming to Connexus on weekends is a great start.  This summer, UpStreet is being transformed into Superhero central (the party started this past weekend).  Your kids will love it!  Waumba Land is a wonderful place to for your pre-schooler or infant this summer, and Xtreme and InsideOut are hosting some great summer events Sundays and otherwise.

But at Connexus, we believe the dialogue only begins on Sunday.  Have you seen our Parent Connection pages on the Connexus site?  The parent connection pages are designed to facilitate a lasting dialogue between parent and child. 

Think of them as resources we give you every single week.  Why?  Because we believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.  No one has more influence over the life of a child than a parent.  So each week, our team works hard to put resources into your hands as a parent to help you shape your child spiritually and morally. 

Check out what's happening at the UpStreet Parent Connection page, for example.  Stuff for you as a parent week in and week out this summer.

Get familiar with these pages for every child in your family.  That way, next time your daughter says she's bored and your son is burning bugs with a magnifying glass or wants to rent Rambo, you'll actually have an alternative activity and conversation for them!  The investment you make today will yield results for the rest of this life and on into the next.

If you have questions, please chat with Jenn Bailey (Waumba and UpStreet) or Nadine Russell (Xtreme and InsideOut). 

– Carey


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