Help us Give Away Christmas

It's been great to see the initial response to Giving Away Christmas at Connexus.  Missed Sunday?  Catch up here or on iTunes (search "connexus church"). 

Here's what Giving Away Christmas is all about.  Many of us will end up giving and getting gifts we really don't need, and frankly, sometimes don't want.  But our want can actually supply someone else's need. 

So this season, Connexus is partnering with five organizations making a difference in supplying the needs of people locally and globally.  Why not put these organizations on your Christmas Wish list?  Rather than getting a shirt you don't really like, you can supply food for the homeless in Barrie or Orillia, education for pastors in Africa, shelter and care for orphans in Kenya or wheelchairs for the disabled in Guatemala.  Point your friends and family to our website here and ask them to make a donation instead of wrapping you a present. 

During December at our campuses, you can still pick up cards with relevant info about the charity of your choice and hand them out to others who usually get you a gift.  It's an easy way to connect them with the organization you're supporting this year.

I know our family is excited about Giving Away Christmas and I'm pumped to know people locally and globally are going to be impacted in a meaningful way because hundreds of people at Connexus gave away Christmas this year.  Thank you!

– Carey


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