Help Us Design One of our Next Series

We all have questions we'd love answered, but if you start shouting them out on a Sunday, often security will come and quietly take you away.  Well, maybe not really.  But you get the point.  Sunday isn't always the best time for a dialogue.

But a couple of times this year, we're going to ask you to help us design an upcoming message series.  This summer, we're going to do a series called “I Wish”.  It's all about the things we wish were different about God.

I started the discussion earlier this week on my personal blog and it's gotten some great responses.  I just want to make sure all of us at Connexus get a chance to chime in…so I'm inviting you!  You can read this short post on my personal blog and add a comment that will help us shape the series.

All you need to do is complete this sentence:  I wish God….

Just click through and comment away.

– Carey


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