Guatemala Compassion Trip (March 9th-17th)

We have a team of InsideOut (Gr. 9-12) students who are only a few weeks away from their “Love Moves Compassion Trip” to Guatemala! They are counting down the days. Thanks to all of you who’ve been supporting them along the way. Here’s a few bios so you can get to know these incredible students and leaders.


City: Barrie

Favorite Subject: History

What Do You spend Time Doing & Why: Practicing guitar because I've always wanted to have some musical talent

Random Fact: I collect hockey cards

What do you like about Inside Out: Hanging out with my small group

What Do you hope God does in your life on this trip: I hope God will give me the encouragement to continue to serve in UpStreet and on special trips like Guatemala


City: Everett

Favorite Subject: Drama

Outside of school I… play guitar and record music, hang out with friends, and really just try to keep busy! I got a keyboard for christmas so I'm getting back into piano again.

One random fact about me: I LOVE to sing really loud and dance around the house when no one's home…I usually don't if people are there.

What I like most about InsideOut: It is a really easy environment to enjoy being in, and I feel really comfortable there.

What do I hope God does in my life on this trip: I hope that God can humble me to be able to put others in front of myself, especially when they are in great need of love and care. I want to use my knowledge of Him to help people in Guatemala learn how AWESOME He is!


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