Growing (and what you can do to help)

So you may have noticed that there are quite a few more people at Connexus these days than there were even six months ago.  We're so very thankful that God continues to show his grace and that you continue to serve, give and invest in your friends.  The reason we're growing is because you keep inviting your friends…and many of them are beginning to grow in their relationship with Christ. 

Growth always brings challenges, and we have a few we're working on right now.  Although both campuses are growing, we are facing particular pressure points in Barrie.

At our Barrie Campus we are running into weekly capacity issues, particular in Waumba Land, our infant and toddler environment.  Every week for the last two months at 10 a.m., we are having to turn families away because we don't have space for their kids.  Clearly, we need to deal with that. 

So over the next two months, we'll be building a bigger Waumba Land for 10:00.  Some of that involved ordering new equipment, but the biggest task will be to find 10 new people to serve in Waumba Land during the 10:00 service.  We'd also love to have four new people begin serving at 8:30 a.m.

There are two things that can immediately help:

  • If you attend the 10:00 a.m. service, consider coming to 8:30.  We do have some room at 8:30 for kids.  This would actually be helpful at both our Orillia and Barrie campuses.  So if you have the freedom to choose which service you attend, we'd love for you to choose 8:30.  
  • Volunteer in Waumba Land.  It's not just babysitting…you're building into the lives of people God created and loves and making it possible for families to attend church together.  If you'd like to help out or have questions about what that entails, contact Jenn Bailey, our Director of Children's ministry, here

We've also set up the technology for video overflow for our Barrie adult services.  Although we don't need it quite yet, it will be ready to go as we need it in the futue.  

So that's our situation.  Thanks for inviting friends.  Keep it up…and if you can, join our Waumba Land team to help make way for even more young families at Connexus.  


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