Got a Story? We’d love to hear it!


Got a Thrive story to tell?  I hope so!  And we'd love to hear it!

Almost a year ago we started Thrive to help everyone we can live with financial margin and live on mission.

To celebrate the one year anniversary in a month or so, we'd love to tell some stories of people whose life has been changed through Thrive.  Don't worry if you think your story is too small, we'd love to hear it!

So, do you have a story about:

  • the vacation/Christmas you paid cash for?
  • cutting up your credit cards?
  • paying off some debt?
  • giving more than you ever thought possible?
  • the impact that finding margin has had on your family and marriage?
  • a dream that is getting funded because you've found margin?

If you do, tell us here on the blog by leaving a comment or, if you prefer,  email Nadine at [email protected]  We'd love to share some stories with our whole community.

I'm so thankful that God started something is so many of us when we began Thrive.  The stories aren't finished yet, but we'd love to hear yours now.

What impact has Thrive had in your life in the last 12 months?  When you surrendered your finances to God, how has He worked in your life?  Who have you seen impacted?  How has God changed your heart?

We want to hear your Thrive story.

– Carey


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