Giving Up the Physical to Focus on the Spiritual

What are you eating Friday?  For me, the answer is – not the usual!  For the next three Fridays, we're going to invite you to fast with us as we move through the Thrive series together.

Thrive is more than a series, it's a twelve month spiritual initiative designed to help people live with margin and live on mission.  Living without financial margin can be paralyzing.  It adds stress to life and reduces the opportunities people can seize. We want that to change. When families have financial margin and live on mission, people begin to Thrive.   (If you missed Sunday's message or want to preview it if you attend our Orillia campus, it's here.)  We're so excited about Thrive because of the promise it holds for families and for our mission together.

So for the next three Fridays, our staff and elders are going to be fasting.  Fasting involves giving up the physical so you can focus on the spiritual.  While there are various reasons to fast, one of the most compelling for me is that I am reminded again and again how dependent I am on God.

Today, people will be fasting in a variety of ways:

1. Food Fast. A decision to consume no food – only water.

2. Juice Fast. A decision to consume no food – only fruit or vegetable juices.

3. Partial Fast. A decision to give up a certain food (like sweets, or meat, or something else) for the fast period but to consume other food as usual.

4. Object Fast. A decision to give up an object like social media, watching TV or listening to music.

Last week I drank only liquids.  Today, I'm not eating any meat.  Remember that if you have any health concerns, check with your doctor first.

While we don't want to limit how you pray, each week, I'll share a few things you can pray about.  Here are three things to pray about today:

  • Pray that God would give you the courage to take the steps toward creating financial margin in your life.
  • Pray that this financial journey would deepen your trust and reliance on God.
  • Pray that God would help you use your margin to live on mission.

Thanks for praying with us.  Thanks for giving up something physical to focus on something spiritual.

We're excited about all the potential we see for families and the community as we head into Sunday!  We're humbled by this journey God has us on.  I believe our very best days are ahead of us. I believe we are being prepared to Thrive.

– Carey


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  1. em dyson says, April 4, 2011 at 10:20 am

    hi carey,

    a great post, i like the way you outlined the different kind of food fasting and object fasting, and highlighting that people with health concerns should talk to their doctor first. however there are some really important groups of people that should think very carefully about the kind of fasting they do, which aren’t spelt out in your guidelines and i’m sure would find it helpful if it were. there are some people whom are very unlikely to identify themselves as having any health concerns – pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, moms of young children; and men and women who have or have had an eating disorder (with or without a clinical diagnosis) fasting from food for anyone in this category is not recommended. i’m a big fan of fasting, but as a psychotherapist specialising in eating disorders, i think its so so important we are really clear to all the different groups of people and thier physical/emotional needs, the different ways we can fast and draw close to God, .

    will you be teasing out what it means to ‘live on mission’? i’m looking forward to next weeks talk! thanks carey, em

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