Gifts that Keep on Giving – This December & January

Did you enjoy our third birthday celebrations over the last two weeks?  We did too!  Lots to celebrate and be thankful for.  We're so thankful to see people being led into a growing relationship with Jesus and to see people with no church background being transformed.

As part of our third year anniversary, we shared a desire to make some upgrades in the environments at our campuses.  We're calling it the Gifts that Keep in Giving.  If you missed the message, you can watch it here. As we move into the gift giving season, we'd love for you to consider a couple of ways to give that can continue to change lives well into 2011 and beyond.

In case you missed it, here's a summary and how to participate.

  • In December, we are looking to make $125,000 in upgrades to our physical environments at our campuses and in our ministry.  Key changes include:
    • Doubling the size of Waumba Land at the Barrie campus in 2011 (we have a lot of small kids)
    • Improving and expanding Waumba Land at our Orillia Campus, creating separate environments for non-preschoolers and for pre-schoolers.
    • Replacing our cameras.  95% of people who see a message at Connexus watch it via video.  Our cameras are literally dying and we would love to provide enhanced video in 2011.
    • Various other upgrades (email us if you would like to see a complete list).
    • 10% of all funds raised to our local mission partners, the Barrie Foodbank and Orillia Lighthouse Christian Men's Shelter.
    • 10% of all funds raised to debt reduction of our start up loan from North Point, which in turn will be used to plant other churches when repaid.

Our question:  will you consider a one time above-and-beyond gift to Connexus in the month of December to help us reach this goal?

  • Additionally in January, we would love for more families to become ‘visionary givers'.  We would love to see a growing number of people funding the mission of the church on a regular basis by making percentage giving a priority. Giving is an incredible way of growing your faith.  (For those who might be cynical about yet another church pitch for money, Carey specifically said he would encourage them to try visionary giving but give it to another charitable cause.) Some key facts:
    • In 2011, God will entrust the families who call Connexus home collectively with $40,818,400 in family income (The average family income in Simcoe County is $78,800.  We have over 500 families who call Connexus their church home).
    • >A tithe would release 10% or $4,081,840 to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • In 2010, Connexus families will contribute $1,035,000.00 toward our mission, or 2.5% of our collective income.   20% of our families give 73% of that money.
    • In 2011, if every family increased their giving by 1% of their family income, our collective giving would grow by 39%, releasing an additional $408,184.00 into our mission.

Our question: will you become a visionary giver in 2011 by increasing the percentage of income you invest into leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus?

To do that, simply calculate the percentage of your current income that you gave toward ministry this year, and then prayerfully consider growing that by at least one percentage point in 2011.  For example, if you gave 3.1% this year, consider setting aside 4.1% of your income next year.  If you gave 1.8%, consider 2.8% next year.  Making a small step like this every year can move you to becoming a tithing family over a few short years and, collectively, will help us realize our potential as a community.

I'll blog a little more about how to give later this week.  But in the meantime, prayerfully consider how you might respond.  We love that we get to do this.  And we love seeing lives changed.  We believe the best is yet to come!

– Carey


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