Getting the Most Out of H Bomb

As we move into H Bomb for the next six weeks – our series about killing the hypocrite inside all of us —  I'm very excited to be able to tell you how we can all go beyond just hearing a message and access resources designed to directly apply the teachings to your life.  In fact, we've custom-designed this series to go way beyond just Sundays, and therefore, the potential impact of the series on your life goes up significantly.  Here's how.

  1. Take in the message.  Naturally, the experience begins on Sunday morning as we move through the series.
  2. Download the community group study guide available for free online or from your small group leader.  (Community groups are gatherings of 8-10 people who meet weekly to get to know each other, study the bible, pray together and do life together for a season. Not in a group? You can join a community group by attending the Connexus GroupLink event Saturday January 26th.) Of course, if you're not in a group yet or don't even live near us, you can also download the material and use it for personal study by yourself or with friends.  We're happy to share it!
  3. Do the homework.  Each study guide comes with some very practical things you can do to really detect the patterns that lie underneath hypocrisy in our lives.  For two weeks of the series, we'll invite people to keep a daily journal of certain patterns they see in their lives.  We hope it will be both very practical and effective.

Using these three steps, this can be far more of a journey than you're used to with a sermon series. Better yet, this will become the norm for teaching at Connexus.  Almost every series we plan will come with a study guide for group use.  For free. 

Last point: If you missed a message or have a friend you think would benefit from this series, you can  watch H Bomb on-line or download a full video podcast via iTunes (or Miro or RSS) by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink on our media player on our web page. Once you've downloaded iTunes, click through to the iTunes store and search "connexus community" and subscribe to our audio or video podcasts.   Best of all, this is all free.  It won't cost you a cent. So you can access the message anywhere and so can your friends. Sunday's message is usually uploaded by Tuesday afternoons, if not sooner.

Looking so forward to this journey, and I hope you'll take it as far as God wants it to go in your life.  We're praying for you, and excited to be in this together.

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor
[email protected]


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