Getting Ready for the Grand Openings!

–>Well, it's been a great week so far.  Connexus Barrie is scheduled to open this weekend to the community.  We're praying, working hard, and very excited about all that is possible in our region starting this weekend.  Hope you've got friends and family coming this weekend at 8:30 and 10 in Barrie!

Thought we'd bring you up to date with some quick, but important updates:

  1. The Connexus web-site is live!  Go to and it won't point to the blog (you can access the blog off the website), but to our website.

Some neat features:

i.  You can invite friends through our e-vite feature on the main page.  It will email an invitation to your friend telling them all about our current series and inviting them to come with you.

ii.  Starting next week, you can view the message on line, download it, podcast it or syndicate it.  If you click on the "connexus community" icon next to the video message, it will take you to the site where you can subscribe to Connexus content via iTunes, an RSS feed, or even add a message video to your Facebook account.  Right now, we have a video on there called "I Am a Chair" (about whose invited this weekend), but starting next week, our own messages.

iii. Your community group can base its study around our current (or after we've got a series under our belt) past series.  Attached to each week's video message will be a downloadable PDF of community group questions for your group. 

2. Starting this weekend, Connexus will record and broadcast our messages via high-definition.  Watch for a jump in quality, which should improve constantly over the next few months as we get better and better at doing video church.

3.  Speaking of constant improvement, a handful of Connexus people are locked up for three days with some awesome PCI people (Portable Church Industry) people reworking all our gear to tweak it for the grand opening.  We are labeling everything, fixing known errors and upgrading other equipment.  All of this is aimed at making our grand openings December 2nd in Barrie and December 9th in Orillia all we can make them.

4.  Watch for this blog to get a make-over in the next week too!  It will be cleaner, meaner, and leaner.  Okay, that was supposed to sound good, but it just sounds stupid, doesn't it?  It will be different, and hopefully, better.

Spending a lot of time in prayer this week for everything this weekend on both campuses.  Thanks for your partnership!

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor
[email protected]



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