Fresh Start – Starts Soon

Ever wish you could have a moment back and do things over again?  I've had more than a few. 

As the video hints, we're encouraging you to think about who you know you would love to have a Fresh Start. Maybe it's in a relationship, at work, in their habits, past decisions, their family or even in their faith.  We'd love for you to tell them about Fresh Start and invite them to come with you this Sunday to Barrie or on the 20th to our Orillia campus.  

We've spent a lot of time this summer developing this series and our team is pumped about thinking how God might use it to really reshape lives and break longstanding patterns.

Best way to tell your friends about it is through personal contact.  Give them a call or mention it next time you see them.  Or, you can send them the link to the Fresh Start webpage, or send them an e-vite.  

School's in, and all our ministry environments are in full swing starting this weekend.  Don't miss out and make sure you tell your friends.


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