Four Ways for You to Grow – Part Four

It's been a cool week.  Heard from several of you who this week are back to reading the Bible and praying daily again!  Awesome.  Dozens are slated to come to Group Link Sunday night.  That's so good.  And a new opportunity to serve comes up Sunday.  Cool!

But there's one more way to grow that many people never find that I want to encourage you on – giving.

Jesus was so clear that giving is a spiritual discipline.  Jesus said your heart follows where you allocate your resources.  So when you give little to the Kingdom of God, your heart is unmoved by Kingdom things.  When you invest a lot in the Kingdom, your heart moves with it.  If you want to test this concept, think back to any major purchase you made (house, car, boat, investments, membership in a club, sports…whatever).  Chances are, after you made the purchase, what you invested in became more "important" to you, taking up more time and attention. 

Jesus believes that's how we are wired by God. Many of us wait to be "moved" before giving to God (or wait to make more money or wait to see whatever), but Jesus says if you make the investment first, your heart will follow.  You'll start to care more about the things you invested in.  Invest in God, and your heart will follow.

I know Toni and I have learned to make increasing investments in things that matter to God over the years – the ministry at Connexus is chief among them.  It's amazing to see God use those resources He gave us in the first place (everything we have is from God) to change lives.   

Just this week, I heard from a 22 year old who has started attending one of our campuses.  Her fiancee is listening on line and God is using this ministry to reach her.  I also spent time with some guys in their 20s and 30s who are taking new paths in their lives as a result of the ministry we get to do.  Lives are being changed.  That encourages me, and investing in this ministry reminds me to put first the things that matter most in life – God and others.

How's your giving? What are you investing in? What questions do you have that could help you begin to open up this area of spiritual growth? 



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