FORtheCity Devotion Day 8 – Is God’s love in you?

By Jeff Brodie, Lead Pastor at Connexus Church

READ 1 John 3:16-18


I’ve had the privilege of serving on the streets, in shelters, in kitchens, and in drop in centres in different cities in Canada. So often those experiences have impacted me because of the compassion people have for one another under difficult circumstances.

•  Seeing people on the street looking out for each other
•  Seeing someone share a warm breakfast with someone else
•  Seeing someone protect someone else from violence

The world is smaller than it’s ever been. One of the benefits of a “smaller world” is the ability to see more of the challenges many people are facing. Poverty, homelessness, injustice, brokenness, and darkness. Never in our history have we had more opportunity to be a part of a solution to the challenges in our own cities. Being aware is the first step, and acting is the second.

As some of the most blessed people in the world and in our city, our faith compels us to respond.

Jesus is someone who shows compassion to people who are spiritually poor and those who are physically poor. This passage in 1 John 3, is very clear:

If we have financial means, and God’s love is in us, we should help those in need. When much is given, much is required.

That’s why at Connexus we’re excited about the work of our local city partners. Our cities have been blessed with excellent food banks, shelters, drop-in centres, and other services that are FOR our cities. The staff at these places do an incredible job.

We are passionate about all people in our city, and it doesn’t make sense to create competing services. It does make sense to partner with them in being FOR the city in every way we can.

We have a responsibility to get behind these partners financially, with our time, and with our prayer.

Being FOR our city means being FOR our city partners. We want to be in their corner as they are in the corner of so many disadvantaged people in our community.


When much is given, much is required.


What are the obstacles in your life that would keep you from helping those in need? How can you remove them? Over the course of the days and weeks to come, Connexus will have multiple opportunities for you to get involved in helping our partners with your time and your finances. Make this your opportunity to show the love of God in you to those around you.


As you pray today, ask God to help you be aware of those who are physically in need around you as well as those who are spiritually in need. Pray that God would show you how he wants you to help those in need around you in the coming months.


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