FORtheCity Devotion Day 7 – The Roots Of An Authentic Friendship

By Jeff Brodie, Lead Pastor at Connexus Church

READ John 15:13-15


Trust is at the centre of every authentic friendship.

It's true. We’ve all experienced fake friendships, acquaintances, or Facebook friends, but real friendships are based on two-way trust. Trust is built on authenticity. Being who you really are.

When you choose to be FOR the people around you in your life, you aren’t trying to sell something, or turn someone into a project. You are looking to build real relationships. Real friendship. Friendship is a two way street.

That means you have to be authentic as you build trust.

– You need to share the challenges you are facing.
– You need to be honest about a bad day.
– You need to ask for advice authentically.
– You need to be honest about your faults.
– You need to be you. Not the “I have it together” version of you.
– Be honest that you don’t have all the answers.

The beauty of friendship is that as two people chose to trust, their relationship grows richer. God’s given us the gift of friendship as we grow together. As you choose to be FOR people in our cities, God wants to give you that gift with the people around you.

Time and trust create the richest friendships.


Time and trust create the richest friendships.


Examine your own relationships with people in your life who don’t know that Jesus is FOR them. Are you being vulnerable with them? Are you pursuing an authentic and real friendship? Are you turning people into projects, or does your heart have the posture of being FOR the people in your life?


God show me the relationships in my life where I need to be more authentic. Help me to have the courage to be my real self, and to share my life with the people around me. God, when people are vulnerable with me, help me to honour that trust with grace and truth.

Haven’t signed up to be FOR Four people in your city? Pray that God would lead you to four people and register here.


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