Fill The Truck and Trash Talk – This Weekend

So I hope you are stocking up for our Fill the Truck challenge.  At both campuses this weekend (July 27th), we're asking you to stack your mini cooper, minivan, '79 Pinto or big honking SUV (whatever you drive) with non-perishable foods.  We'll collect it all in one pick up per campus and in turn provide all those goods to charities in our area.

The people in Barrie need to know that Rich Birch (who is now also the Orillia Campus Pastor) has been trash talking Barrie when you haven't been around.  I know this personally, since I have heard him do it earlier in the month in Orillia.  He thinks Orillia is going to kick Barrie's butt in this competition. 

I would never stoop to such lows, personally.  But I must say that although I love Orillia, I think Barrie will kick Orillia's fine behind. 

So, on BOTH campuses, fill up the family ride with non perishables and bring them in!  A little healthy competition here will only benefit those with less in our communitites.

For a list of what's needed, click here.



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  1. Jen says, July 23, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Hey Carey, can't wait! I'm going shopping with the kids tomorrow for fill the truck and I was wondering if the amount of food collected is based on weight or size. Ie, should I bring huge bags of pasta or big cans of corn? lol. Just a bit of healthy competition for the city's sake, right? :o)

    Oh ya, and I read about a pastor who hurt himself driving a motorcycle on stage during a service…..promise me the craziest we get is tattoos and shaved heads, k?

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