Figuring Out God’s Will (1)

So, we had a great time wrapping up Signs from Beyond…our series on discovering God's will.

The final message was a live q and a I did at all campuses.  People texted their questions in, and we had an awesome response!  So good in fact, that we had way more questions than time to answer them.  So we'll tackle the questions we didn't get a chance to talk about here on the blog this week.  

Which makes it really interesting because now you get to chime in.  Ready?

Question:  How do I find my purpose and my career?

I'm increasingly convinced that God doesn't have different purposes for us, but the same purpose.  If all of history is moving toward Jesus, then our lives also need to be aimed in that direction. God's purpose is that all people would come to Him through Christ.  

That can be lived out when you are working in a factory, in an office, retired, in school, or raising kids.  Our career is actually less important than our character.  We bring who we are to everything we do.  I know many business people who have a greater passion for Christ and are a better witness for Him than some pastors. 

Does that mean you need to try to convert everyone you work with?  Nope.  It does mean that if Christ is at the center of who you are, and he has reformed your character, the truth of who he is to you will show in your life.

As to what you should do, I think that's a case for wisdom, assessing your gifts and getting input from others.  I'm not sure there is one 'right' answer for most of us.  The Bible indicates that we should find what we're good at and do it – offering it up to Christ.  Artists bring glory to God when they are the best artists they can be.  Leaders who lead with all diligence do the same.  When we let Christ reshape our character, we bring who He is to all we do.

As you pray through this, ask Christ to become more and more a part of your daily life, reshaping your character.  And talk to friends, other Christians and even do some career testing to find out what you are best at, and then do it and see it as a path where you can honour God through your work.

What do others think?  Other advice?  Agree or disagree?


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  1. JP says, June 16, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Hey Carey, I love your response to the question but can't seem to shake the root of the question. I always love to "think" that I live my life on purpose. Then I come to a cross road that seems to dilute my purpose or sometimes I feel I've lived out my purpose for that situation in time. I then re-ask the question "whats my purpose now?" I then go through the cycle again. Each time it seems like it takes longer to get the answer. Your post outlines the big picture purpose but I'm not sure us simple folk think in those terms when it comes to our own personal journey. Maybe I'm looking too far inward to see what the real purpose God has laid out for me./?

    I do struggle with this same question.

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