Fascinating Week, Fascinating Weekend – Don’t Miss it!

We have heard from hundreds of people this week about Hip 2B Holy, the Global documentary that aired Monday night (and no, it's not available online from what we can tell). Really thankful for the dialogue it's generated, but even more excited at the possibility that it let people who don't go to church know that there are churches that might be right for them.

That's what its about this weekend at Connexus as Signs from Beyond is in high gear. If you've never been to Connexus before, here's the deal. We think many people are interested in God and want to know more about Jesus, they just don't think church can help. 

We'd like to change your mind. I love what Sam had to say on the blog:

 "I'm so glad Connexus came along. I was dying spiritually before. Thanks for introducing me to Christ."

Here's Jennifer's take on Connexus

 "Jesus could have come to us as a political leader or a military commander or a high profile media darling, but he didn't choose any of those roles. He chose instead to come in the unassuming role of a Carpenter’s son. He connected with people and loved them first and (guess what!) He gained ground. Connexus is following in his footprints."

At Connexus we strip away as many of the 'barriers' as we can. We play music most of us actually listen to (our band rocks out). We try to speak in language that people understand -stripping away a lot of the "church talk' so people can understand the Bible. The dress code is gone. Dress the way you want. We meet in theaters (who doesn't like to go to the movies)? We pour a lot of energy into making great experiences for your kids too. We also elevate community. So if and when you are ready, there are people like you (many of who don't have a deep church background either, and a few who do) who can help answer your questions and hear your story. That's Connexus. We'd love to host you and your friends this weekend. Join us in Barrie or Orillia or online – we have a big archive of past messages.

Here's what's happening at our campuses:

Barrie Campus
Signs from Beyond | Week Three: Your Story

Many of us end up thinking about the stories we read in the bible as interesting, but not really applicable to our lives. But what if you might actually be able to find clues to God's will for your life in the stories you read in the Bible? That's what we'll explore this week as we go one level deeper in how to hear God speak to you today.
Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Barrie 72 Commerce Park Dr.

Orillia Campus

Signs from Beyond | Week Two: I Hear A Voice
What if you heard from God so clearly that you knew for sure it was his voice? What if the application was direct, practical and personal? Seriously? How would you respond? This week, we'll explore a proven method every person can use to get that kind of information and we'll examine exactly how to apply that to your life.
Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.


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