Family Ministry at Connexus

I had the privilege of recently being on a site visit with PCI
(Portable Church) to explore what Connexus would
look like at the Barrie and Orillia Galaxies.  It was AMAZING.
Although some of you may wonder what church in a "theatre" might be
like, let me tell you, you will see some incredible environments.

The spaces
for Waumba Land (our infant and preschool
environment) would be transformed through portable flooring that overlays on
top of existing carpet, creatively decorated portable dividers, and large group
space with wonderfully designed backdrops and a cool jungle hut for
check-in.  Our UpStreet and Extreme environments (grades 1-8) will be
amazing.  Theatres and hallways would be transformed into hang out spaces
with sofas, bean bag chairs, Wii gaming systems and fooz ball. Portable stages
would be assembled over top of lower level seating or in hallways to create
space for our communicators and bands.   I can't tell you how excited
I was after working through what the spaces could look like.  If we end up
in the Galaxies, I believe you will be pleasantly amazed at how excellent it will be.

I imagine some of you are concerned and nervous about the future
but let me tell you that personally I have never been so excited.  I truly
believe that God is going to do amazing things as a result of so many of us
taking a huge leap of faith.  I am so grateful that many years Carey ago,
the elders and the congregation decided to sell the 3 buildings and start a new
kind of church.  If it wasn't for that, my family and I would never had
the opportunity to be part of Trinity and grow so much in our spiritual
journey.  I have gone to church all my life but never had a church where I
could or would feel comfortable to bring my friends and family who don't know
Jesus. I am thrilled that Trinity was that place and Connexus will continue on
that mission of reaching those who don't yet know Him.

It is an
honour and privilege to be part of Connexus as the Executive Director
of Family Ministry as it launches December 2nd. Our goal within family
ministry is create irresistible environments for children and students
to become orange. What's Orange?  Glad you asked!  Orange
ministry takes "red", which stands for the heart of family, and
"yellow", which stands for the light of Christ in the church, and
combines them to make a more vibrant colour than either is on its own.
Orange ministry synchronizes the efforts of church leaders and parents
around a master plan to help build faith and character in the lives of
their children.  In order to do that optimally, we'll need even more of
you to step up and playing an active role in shaping the next
generation as volunteers.  Plus, we'll be adding two children's
ministry staff positions in the next few months in KidStuf, Waumba Land
and UpStreet. 

So, it's now our turn to step out into
unchartered territory. Regardless of what happens, there are exciting plans in
place to ensure that the launch of Connexus on Dec 2nd will be
awesome.  Have you figured out who you are going to invite?  What an
incredible journey we are on. I'm so glad you are going to be part
of it!

Nadine Russell
Executive Director, Family Ministry
Connexus Community Church



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