Ever Wonder About This? 

Ever wonder what it actually means to be a Christian?

I know that sounds like a simple question…but it's more complicated than it first appears.

Like, for example, how do you know you're a Christian? Let me ask you, have you ever doubted whether you're actually a Christian? Whether you're committed enough? Or whether your decision to follow Jesus was serious enough? Or if you lost your commitment, if that undoes your salvation?

If you're like me, you've probably wondered about all of this. Maybe you didn't expect to hear the pastor admit that. But hey, we all have questions and doubts and fears.

Or how about this question: how do you actually become a Christian? Is it a prayer you pray? Is it something that happens because of good behaviour. Or baptism? Or church attendance? Or effort? Or a commitment you make or don't make? Or what does any of that actually mean?

To make it even more complicated, if you have this many questions and this much uncertainty, how would you ever be able to clearly explain it to a friend?

Yep…that gets difficult.

I've actually run into all of those questions and more. And I've had long conversations recently with people who simply want to know: what do I have to do to be a Christian?

So here's what I'm doing as a response to all of this: I'm starting a four part series at Connexus on this beginning Sunday, November 6th in Barrie and Sunday, November 13th in Orillia.

For four Sundays, I'm going to be as clear as I know how to be on exactly what it means to become a Christian and to be a Christian. I just want to cut through the fog so you can know for yourself and explain it to a friend.

The series is called Non-Committal: Why Being a Christian Matters More Than You Think. And it's a great series to bring your friends to.  Maybe even text or call one of your four to join you this weekend. We can all get un-confused together. 🙂

And don't forget about the time change. It's the good one!!! We get a extra hour of sleep this weekend.  So show up relaxed and ready to go Sunday. It's going to be great.

Can't wait!



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