Easter: The Perfect Moment

A good number of times in the last few months I've had people tell me how a message or a series we're doing has come along in the ‘perfect time' or has been ‘just for them.'  "How did you know?" is the question I get again and again. 

I'm pretty honest.  The truth is I don't know.   In fact, I really haven't got a clue.   

We do our series planning months out (our concepts are done to the end of September at this point).  We try to figure out which subjects are important and which might be helpful, and then we just plan.  Naturally, our team prays and I study weeks and months in advance.  But when it comes to being able to predict which messages will have impact on what people, we're clueless.

The cool thing is God isn't.  He knows exactly what's going on.  Again and again, He draws people to himself.  

Our job is create environments that are as irrestible as possible every weekend and to bring practical teaching that's clear and accessible by everyone listening in regardless of their background.  His job is to come alongside people as they apply God's Word to their lives.  God loves to do that.

Which leads us to this.  Many of you have friends you're thinking of inviting to Connexus:  the guy at work, the family across the street, your sister. You've been meaning to invite them.  Why not make this the week you text them and ask them to come with you?

You might be waiting for the perfect time to invite them.  But consider this.  Easter is an awesome time.  And secondly, if God is at work, is there actually a bad time to invite them?  God has a way of impressing his love and truth on people's hearts again and again.  

This weekend (and the one after that, and the one after that), may indeed be the pefect moment.  There might not be a bad one.

So…why not just invite them?  Now?  For this weekend?  

And in the meantime, we'll continue our preparations for what we pray will be a deeply meaningful Good Friday and Easter Sunday experience at Connexus!  Who knows?  They might indeed come up to you afterwards and ask how you knew ahead of time that this was the perfect Sunday to invite them.

– Carey


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