Easter is Over…Or is it Just Beginning?

We had some great moments over the last three days.  

From the silent moments and communion in our Good Friday service, to the opening moments of Easter Sunday, to the joy of being in Muskoka again last night for our second monthly service there.

It's becoming clear that God is ushering us into a fresh season at Connexus. We see new people every week in every venue.  People are connecting in fresh ways.  People who have been with us since the beginning are connecting with God and each other in ever deepening and more meaningful ways.  It's been an encouraging, powerful year so far.

What were your highlights?  What stood out to you?  How did this journey become personal for you?

The question I'm asking this morning is this: what if I lived like the resurrection actually happened?  What if I lived like forgiveness was really extended?  What if I lived like this new relationship with God governed every moment of every day?

Then there's this question: what if we lived that?  What if Connexus became the kind of community defined by forgiveness, compassion, generosity and became the kind of people who lived the resurrection? What if that defined us?

One of the things that's fueling me right now is that Easter isn't over – in fact, the work of Easter has just begun.

I'd love to hear your reflections too!

– Carey


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