Do You Have to Park Your Brain at the Door To Be a Christian?

It's a question that's always bothered me: do you have to park your brain at the door to be a Christian?

Sometimes Christians behave as though the only thing God wants is our hearts—that he's not interested in our minds.

Is that true?

Can you think and be a Christian?

Does Christianity stand up to reason?

Does Christianity actually have historical evidence that runs in its favour?

That's why I'm not only loving this series, I Can't Believe in a God Who…, I'm also loving what's going to happen this weekend when world-renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans joins me live for the message at Connexus Church.

craig evans connexus


I'm going to interview Craig for 30 minutes on the question of whether we can trust the accuracy of the Bible, historically, archeologically and evidentially.

Plus, we'll start a 24 day journey together through the scripture that can help you read the bible better, or read it for the very first time.

It's not only a great time to help get your questions answered, but it's a great time to bring a friend with you.

Invite any local friends to come with you Sunday at 9 or 10:30, and if you have an out-of-town friend, send them this link: Tell them to tune in at 9 or 10:30 EDT. We'll even have people standing by to answer their questions and take their prayer requests. It's all part of Connexus Live Online each Sunday.

So…do you have to park your brain at the door to be a Christian?

Not at all. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

We'll share why this weekend! See you then!


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