Day 41 – How to Keep Your Spiritual Journey Going

Well, yesterday we did it!

We completed our Bold 40 Day Spiritual Journey together. The short verdict is that it was incredible for so many of us. (I'm writing a separate post for you to share what you learned during the journey.)

But in the meantime, many of you have asked this question:

What am I going to do now that the Spiritual Journey is over? 

The good news is you're half way there.

You're already in the habit of setting aside time every day for some scripture and devotion time. For some of you, this was the very first time you had a personal devotion time. For others, it was a rekindling of something you used to do. And for others, it was a fresh take on an established habit.

So what devotional tools can you use to keep going?

There are literally thousands of devotional plans out there.  Let me give you a few options:

1. Follow a Bible Reading Plan.  I personally use YouVersion. What's great is there are Bible reading plans you can follow each day, from short devotionals right through to plans that will walk you through the whole bible in a year, or even 90 days. You can browse the plans here. I personally use the YouVersion app, but you can use your browser too. And it's all free. BibleGateway also offers free online reading plans.

2. Use a Devotional Guide.  Some people find it easier when they have a passage of scripture to read and written devotional around it (this is what we did for the 40 Day Journey).  If that's you, once again, You Version can help. Their devotional plans include plans with a devotional guide. For other options, try Our Daily Bread. Every day there's a new devotion here. Rick Warren offers one here (again, thank you YouVersion). And John Piper even has an app for his devotions.

3.  Get a Devotional Bible. If you prefer hardcopy, a quick visit to your local Christian bookstore in Barrie or Orillia or shows dozens and dozens of options. Keep browsing and you're sure to find one that's tailored to your situation. There are literally hundreds of devotional bibles out there.

And a last FAQ before we go…we often get asked “What translation should I use?” (A ‘translation' is simply the particular English version of the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts you're using.)

While that's a personal choice (use the one that works best for you), the translations we use at Connexus are the New Living Translation and the Today's New International Version (an update from the 1984 NIV).  There are many out there, but those are the two we use most in as both reliable and relatable to the way we speak today.

I sincerely hope you'll keep honouring the time you've set aside to grow spiritually over the last 40 days. Having a personal devotion time is a key ingredient in growing spiritually year after year.

If you have any questions, fire away. And please know I'm praying for you!

– Carey




  1. Sabine (from Switzerland) says, November 19, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    Great message, Carey!

    I am so very much thankful to meet Connexus Community Church. Missing it badly I can’t wait to travel to Canada again and much better: to relocate.

    Blessings, Sabine

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