Day 28 – What is God’s Will, Anyway?

Day 28


Gal 5:19-22, Romans 12:2


Whether you believe God might be out there, or whether you have committed your life to Jesus, you have probably wondered this.

“What is God’s will, anyway?”

When I hear this question, it is usually in reference to some large future event, to a divine purpose in life, or to making a hard decision.  But what we miss when we are focused on big things is our next step today.

Following God’s will with little steps today, leads us toward the big steps tomorrow.

In the Afterlife series, Hell is the place where all traces of love and good are removed.  But today, we still live in the age of grace.  We live in the age where we can be forgiven, where we can surrender our lives to Jesus and follow God’s will.

We can be transformed by God’s Spirit, but we must be willing to let that happen. We can learn God’s will for us, which has no flaws.

What is the difference between our will for ourselves (our sinful nature), and God’s will accomplished through the Holy Spirit?

Try testing your actions today against these:

Am I being loving, or am I putting myself first?
Is there joy, or is this just discouragement?
Can I find peace, or am I anxious?
Am I being patient, or applying pressure?
Am I being kind, or would I want to be treated this way?
Is this good, or is it something I would rather no one know about?
Am I being faithful, or am I betraying someone?
Is my approach gentle, or is this abrasive?
Can I control myself, or is this my knee-jerk reaction?

When you surrender your life to Jesus, God can transform you with the power of his Holy Spirit.  Take small steps today in following God’s will, He will lead you in the big steps tomorrow.


Belong – Because you can belong before you believe.
If you knew God had a perfect will for you, would it change your perspective of who God is?

Believe – Because those who belong often start to believe.
How do you want God to transform you and the way you think, and how would your decisions change as a result?

Become – Because everyone who believes can become someone new.
What decisions, big or small, are you facing? How can you follow God’s will today in order to take steps toward God’s will for you tomorrow?

Dear God, thank you that we still live in an age where we can accept your grace and decide to follow your will.  I admit that I am often following my own will instead of yours, and I pray that your Holy Spirit would be active in transforming me. Reveal your will to me as I make decisions today. Through Jesus I pray, Amen.

– by Sarah Flemming


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