Connexus This Weekend | November 1st (non-daylight savings time version)

We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend at Connexus.  Why's that?

  1. You will be so much better rested, because tonight we turn the clocks BACK one hour.  Enjoy the zzzzs!
  2. You'll have made some new friends at Hallowe'en. If you are trick or treating tonight, be generous!  It's a great way to become a hang out spot for kids and parents in your neighbourhood!
  3. If you are going to the Orillia campus, you can use the extra time to NOT BE LATE for service.  If you do, you'll kick yourself.  We have something incredibly fun teed up for the first four minutes.  Don't be late at 8:30 or 10:00!
  4. We wrap up Medium in Orillia and launch Life. Money. Hope in Barrie.Two very different, but very powerful series – one on the paranormal, the other on what the Bible teaches about getting our daily finances to balance.  Both will be series long remembered (we think).  Plus, in Life. Money. Hope, we get to hear from personal finance expert Dave Ramsey – who is not only excellent and practical in how he helps people handle money, he's also quite funny (seriously, you should hear this guy!).  Should be incredible!

So, enjoy the extra hour today.  Can't wait till tomorrow! Here are the details.

Orillia | Medium | Part Three

If you suspect evil somehow has a grip on you or someone you care about, how do you release it? If evil and the paranormal are real, how do you protect yourself?

Barrie | Life. Money. Hope

Life. Money. Hope. Biblical advice in difficult times. Nearly all of us struggle to pull ourselves out of some kind of debt. Often the simple act of getting on a budget can seem an insurmountable task. How can we find freedom? Does the bible actually translate into the world of modern day finances? Where in today’s world can we turn to find hope?

Bring some friends.  I think years from now, you'll be so thankful you made the investment in the lives of other people!

– Carey



  1. Don says, November 4, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks you so much Carey what a message on money the moment i came home i cut up 5 credit cards and my girlfriend 3 of them what practical advice i then took a close look at how i spend i will be interested to find out next year at this time where i will be as usual keep up the good work im so exited about my future when i stared going to connexus in april of 2007 i never would thought that i would go to a church that would have such practical teaching from worry to growing my relationships to money

  2. carey says, November 5, 2009 at 8:56 am

    Don! That’s so amazing. What a great response to the message Sunday. Practical teaching is what we love to do, because we believe that the Bible actually applies to real life.

    Don, I’m so encouraged. Thanks for sharing your story!

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