Connexus Is Giving $5000 Toward Calgary Flood Relief

Calgary flood Connexus helps

So many of us have been watching the flooding in Calgary this week as surging rivers have wiped out homes and competely flooded the downtown of the city that over 1 million people call home.

Yesterday I connected with several church leaders we know in the city (and some Connexus friends who are near Calgary) to ask how we could help.

They directed us to the Red Cross, which will be front line in the relief and restoration efforts. Local churches are partnering with the Red Cross to care for families who have lost everything.

With that in mind, this morning at Connexus we shared that Connexus will be writing a cheque for $5000 this week to the Red Cross to aid the relief effort in Calgary. 

Your generosity to Connexus makes such a difference. We love being part of a generous church, and I'm thankful that your giving makes this possible. So thank you!

By the way, later this year, we're going to have an opportunity to help others like we've never done before. We're bringing North Point's Be Rich to Canada for the first time, and we'll be serving our community and country like never before through compassion, justice and serving.  Watch for that later in 2013.

So…just a note to update you, and to say thank you.

You are truly a church that is being bolder than ever in helping us create a church that unchurched people love to attend and leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

– Carey


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