Connexus Heroes – Steve Wells and Miles Melin

When people ask me about the most exciting thing about the first ten months of Connexus, I want to say changed lives (and that's true), but inevitably I talk about our people at both our campuses.

I am SO proud of you and so grateful for you.  I have honestly never seen people serve like you serve at Connexus.  The work we do is hard.  It's backbreaking at times. The hours stink (yep, it's dark when we get up in the morning and lunch time when we leave).  The pay is great though (free donuts and fruit every Sunday).  But you serve with humility, joy and selflessness that quite frankly, is biblical in its character.  I love our volunteers! 

So today – I want to name two heroes from our Barrie campus.  You'll see these guys doing incredible grunt work in theater 12 in Barrie.

Img_6716Meet Steve Wells (left) and Miles Melin (right)!

Steve and Miles both serve on our Barrie e-team and work in the adult service environment.  They spend most of their Sunday morning setting up and tearing down the stage and front of house in Barrie.  That means everything from the stage itself (I'm actually quite grateful it stays put each Sunday) through to the set design, to front of the house lights, to the speakers.  The gear is heavy, but they are pretty happy to haul it.  Steve also helps schedule our e-teams in Barrie! 

Steve and Miles embody servants' heart.  If they complain, I have yet to hear it.  They're relentlessly positive people, and I'm grateful to serve along side them.

Thanks Steve and Miles!

We are excited to welcome the folks who signed up during Test Drive to our volunteer teams.  We had 20 people sign up in Barrie and about six in Orillia.  Thanks for changing lives through serving.

And hey – if you want to join their team (we can always use more volunteers in every environment), email Julia at [email protected].   You'll be glad you did!

– Carey


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