Church Right Here…Right Now

This weekend, about 700 guests (plus volunteers) joined us in person at our campuses, but almost 200 people heard the message without even being in the building.  They joined us online.  In the last 48 hours, our online messages were accessed almost 200 times. 

I had a few conversations in the foyer this morning in which people volunteered how they use our podcasts:

  • One woman had never attended.  Her friend wanted her to check us out on line first.  He told her about our website. She watched a message.  She loved it.  She showed up. And loved it even more.
  • Someone else missed week one of Life. Money. Hope., but caught part one before attending today so she'd be up to speed.  Done!
  • One couple saw us on tv (Hip 2B Holy), found us online, discovered we were in Barrie and Orillia, and showed up in person today.

You can view our entire message archive online here at our website.  Or you can  subscribe to our video or audio podcasts.  You can access them right here or go to iTunes and search "Connexus Community."

We don't think online messages will ever completely replace what happens when people gather – after all, we're still people who long for relationship, interaction and (today) ice cream.  Plus you miss so much of the fun of Sunday @Connexus (Ghostbusters isn't online!).  But we're so excited by how many people are using our podcasts to share with friends, catch up or even listen again to a message they've heard before. 

In the last 24 months, our messages have been accessed over 37,000 times.  We're praying God uses them more and more to change lives.  This week, maybe you can share the good news with some friends.  You never know how God will use it!

– Carey


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