Church….2000 Years Old and Still Moving

It's hard to believe June is here already!  School will be wrapping up later this month and the kids will inevitably be bouncing off the walls.  We're excited what the summer will hold at Connexus this year.  Thanks to everyone who signed up to get out of the stands and onto the field and help out at Connexus through Summer Serve.  It's not too let to let us know you can help us out.  Just click here.

Parents, don't forget this is the week your kids will be transitioning to their new small groups – the names and faces in their circles will be changing and in some cases what environment they go into will be changing too.  What can you do to help?  Do your best to arrive early to help them as they make this transition and don't forget to introduce yourself  if they have a new small group leader!

This weekend we launch a brand new series called Big Church, it's all about the movement of people that makes up the church. Here's what we're excited about… it's still moving. Join us as Carey Nieuwhof and Andy Stanley team teach through this series that brings life to the story of the local church movement. We're excited for what's to come!

Oh, and if you're on for Twitter, get in on the discussion by using the #bigchurch hashtag, and of course you can tweet us any time, @connexuschurch.

Barrie Campus
8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie
Big Church | Part 1: Day One :: Andy Stanley

When you think of church, what's the first thing that comes to mind? A building with pews, choirs in robes, a band? Is this an accurate picture, or is church supposed to be something different?

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At our Orillia Campus, join us as we wrap up Hello?? This week, we'll look at a third reason you're not hearing from God, and what you can do to bring about real change in your prayer life. Join the discussion on twitter by tweeting #helloseries, or by tweeting us  @connexuschurch.

Orillia Campus
8.30 and 10 am | Family Ministry @ 10am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia
Hello?? | Part 3: Why Things Don't Change When We Pray :: Carey Nieuwhof

Most of us have a tendency to pray about things we can’t change while ignoring the things we can change. What if you flipped that? We’ll look at how your life – and the world — can change for the better if you ask God to change you, and surrender the rest to God.

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